Interesting views of Athens


My second visit to the Benaki Museum Annexe was for another photography exhibition, ‘Athena  Thea’ or Athens Views.

The gallery in the arty precinct of Kerameikos is a really good space with a cafe that serves  food and coffee that is worth a visit  in its own right.


Athena Thea is a project by Ianna Andreais who invited inhabitants of central Athens to photograph the view from their window with at least part of the window in the shot.

The invitations and submissions were managed via Facebook.


The views are many and varied, (submissions from 500 people are on display) and portray a different city to the general tourist, couple of days in the capital before hopping over to an island, impression.

This is a gritty Athens that throbs with life while enticing you with her  charms and daring  you off the beaten track to explore.


The exhibition is at the Benaki Annexe 138 Pireos St and runs until 29 January 2017.

Well worth a visit if you are in town.

Cheers and Yiassas


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