Athens – the first week

I arrived in Athens a week ago with my wife and family so it is time to start the blog.

We are here for at least 3 years and I couldn’t be happier about it.

My passions are sport and food with a bit of music so I am thinking that is what I will write about.

So far we have moved in to a nice apartment in Paleo Psychiko which is a quiet leafy suburb in the northern suburbs of Athens.

I have made myself familiar at the local shops using my almost non-existent Greek language  skills, relying on the  owners’ English  skills.

I have found the cafe where I  think will spend a lot of time with our dog Scamper who arrives tonight hopefully OK after a long arduous flight.


I was also impressed  with the local butcher’s paper bags – yeah I know small things and no I don’t know what it says.


So last night we went to an embassy function at a very cool bar with a food truck inside called 48 Urban Garden.


On the way I literally stumbled across the home ground of the Panathinaikos football club. The ground looks eery and intimidating but I can’t wait to get to a game and feel the experience.


Impressions so far- the Greeks have been incredibly friendly and welcoming and the food is sensational.

Priorities for me are seeking work and learning as much of the language as I can in a short space of time. Meanwhile I am enjoying the ride.

Cheers and Giassas



9 thoughts on “Athens – the first week

  1. rommel

    Athens gets bad reps being it a big city, but I actually enjoyed our trip there as there’s just so much to see and do. Missing Greece right now. Would definitely don’t mind residing back there.


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