The dog, the heat, Origin and RL in Greece

Our dog (Scamper) arrived in Athens from Canberra, where it has been snowing recently, to the furnace with temperatures up to 36 degrees.

Scamper is spending a lot of time in front of the air conditioning while we all adjust.


The alternative to beat the heat is swimming so the girls and I went to the pool at the Hilton Hotel (very classy pool with matching prices).

While  I hung out at the bar drinking Espresso Freddo ( I have caught the Greek bug for cold espresso coffee).


The girls actually went in the pool and relaxed on the deck chairs. This was the view for them.


I was contacted late last week by a Greek Australian, George, who is heavily involved with rugby league in Greece inviting me to watch the Origin game at an Irish pub (The James Joyce).

I felt like I was in Australia at the pub watching the game and talking rugby league. George, Jim (Tigers fan) and the other Greek guys love their footy and are real enthusiasts about the game.

The game in Greece has undergone political maneuvering and break away factions in recent times, both elements common to  rugby league generally and this country.


Rugby League in Greece ( @rlgreece on FB ) will have 5 teams for next season and George has hinted that there is a club coaching vacancy if  I am keen. (Never say never!) We will see.

(Selfie photo below courtesy Jim Minadakis)

image.jpgOn a sadder note my elder daughter Lucy went back to Canberra for school yesterday but we will see her again late September. She will be missed.


So as the sun sets on another scorcher in Athens.


Cheers and Giassas


@discomclennan on Twitter




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