It’s Friday – Market Day

Yesterday was market day in the Athens suburb where I am living, Paleo Psychiko.

image.jpegFarmers markets have been a welcome addition to the lives and stomachs of many Australians including me. The market at EPIC in Canberra is one of the best.

In Athens the “laiki agora” have been around since 1929 to prevent the “middlemen” taking all the profits from the primary producers.

They occur on specific days for each neighbourhood.

Mine is on Fridays and it is 3 minutes away (just down the hill).

image.jpegThe fruit and vegetables are high quality and  a fair bit cheaper than the local shops.

I bought zucchini and green beans which I cooked last night and ate with aged steaks. Very nice!

image.jpegI also got a bit loose and bought a heap of oranges which I juiced this morning. The family verdict again was positive.

image.jpegI experienced  an amazing moment with Yiannis who sells eggs telling me about his hard life in Athens and then refusing to let me pay. Greeks appear to have generosity in their DNA.

image.jpegI bought too many things early in the piece including some good looking cherries and peaches leaving me with a tougher walk back up the hill to the apartment.

Next time I will try the fish.


Cheers and Giassas



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