Mex in the heart of Athens and Jimmy the Greek/American

I really do love Greek food and I have been eating plenty including the best souvlaki I have ever had at Kostas in Pentellis street. More about that later.

We decided to mix it up and try a Mexican place called Taqueria Maya recently and came away very happy.

“Props” to my daughter Milly  for her research and choice.


The restaurant is in a side lane off the bustling Ermou street shopping strip.

We started with a margarita. Best one I have had since a work trip to Mexico City and that was a while ago.


From there it only got better. I ordered the Cubano  based on a movie called Chef where a guy travels around the US selling Cuban sandwiches. I have wanted to try one ever since. A tasty and spicy meal.

However the winner on the night was Milly’s chicken burrito. The corn chips are good too!


On of the best features of the place is the friendly guy behind the counter and rattling the pans Jimmy.

A Greek American from Connecticut (surely the best pedigree for a Mexican chef) Jimmy says he speaks 2 languages,  Greek and American. Although I am sure I heard a bit of Spanish banter with some customers.


A good night at Taqueria Maya. We will be back for sure.

To top off the international evening in Athens we then walked around the corner for gelato to Le Greche in Mitropoloes street. Le Greche means “the Greek woman” in Italian I think.

We backed a winner again!


Cheers and Giassas


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