Are the grungy areas the best part of a city?

Athens has its fair share of great tourist sites. The Acropolis, Parthenon and Panthenaic Stadium quickly come to mind, along with a host of world class museums and galleries.

After a couple of visits to this city, the area that excites me the most is immediately south of Monastiraki Square commonly known as the “flea market”.

Walking through the laneways with initial stalls selling t-shirts, shoes and suitcases, you will quickly reach a point where the  shops are hawking second hand goods. Records, books, furniture and retro household items greet you in every nook and cranny.

This is a grungy world only metres but on the other hand a thousand miles away from Ermou street the bustling modern shopping strip popular with the people of Athens.

A local told me about a bar in the area I might like to try. I went a round the block 3 times before I found it. It is called Taf Metamatic.

Once through the door you find yourself in a sunny courtyard bar or beer garden as I like to think of it.

The bar was fairly quiet while I sat and sipped on my pint of beer, but I have a feeling night time is when it fills up.

A pleasant afternoon drinking beer surrounded by the rustic charm of this art gallery come hidden courtyard  bar.

A good find in my favourite area of Athens. 

I have barely scratched the surface on the “hidden” delights this place has to offer.

Cheers and Giassas


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