Three days of castles, towers and clear blue Mediterranean Sea

IMG_0562.JPG(Village of Limeni)

Recently we jumped in to the car and headed out of Athens for a lazy few days in the Peloppenese region.

First stop was Nafplio, a seaport town that was actually the capital of the first Hellenic Republic and Kingdom of Greece between 1821 and 1834.

Nafplio has the look and feel of old Europe and is a nice place to stroll along the cobbled streets.


We stayed in a very comfortable and guest friendly hotel( Hotel Perivoli) in a village just outside of Nafplio.

Set on a hill amongst the orange orchards, the hotel boasted a very nice pool which Scamper and I appreciated.


Nafplio is overlooked by the fortress of Palamadi. We drove most of the way rather then climb the rumoured 999 steps to reach it.

As expected some very nice views.

img_0523From Nafplio it was on to Limeni in the Mani region ( by the way the word maniac originates from the people of Mani) so it was a place of interest for someone like me.

Limeni is a beautiful seaside village surround by rocky mountainous terrain.

The sea has the sparkling blue appeal that makes villages such as this so attractive.


We stayed in an apartment overlooking the village called the Vasilios Apartments Hotel. Another winner with cracking breakfasts and a great view from our room.


We spent a day touring the Mani region and exploring the towers the region is famous for.

The towers first appearing in the 13th century are an expression of the “fighting spirit” the area is famous for and  a result of segregation of the population in to clans or families.

Sitting by the water in the sunset with a cool drink I could have stayed for days, months, years even.


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